Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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I went to sleep at 7 this morning, after pushing and shoving my way through the DVD burning process whilst simultaneously submitting the movie to festivals through Withoutabox. During that process, I ran out of my beloved Sony discs and cracked open a brand new Memorex spindle (no, I'm not getting compensated for all my plugging...), finished up Batch One to be mailed out and went to bed. When I woke up this morning, however, mom informed me that the discs don't work. None of them work...except the Sony ones.

Pardon my American here, but FUCK.

I didn't know this at the time, obviously, but Memorex's DVD+R apparently won't work with my Samsung burner. I was understandably distraught, especially after being up until 7 in the bloody morning, but I went online, went to BestBuy.com, got a 100 pack of Sony DVD+Rs and am burning off the replacement copies now (yay for in-store pick-up!) So...I will be mailing them out tomorrow and I will be adding the DVD requests from you loverly people into that first batch. :D

My brain is on the toasty side of Sears and tonight is like a Thursday thanks to tomorrow's Thanksgiving openings, but you know what that means? I get to finally watch Enchanted!!!

edited to add: The final runtime is 28 minutes and 8 seconds.

edited again to add:
I've submitted to the following festivals (this is obviously more for me than you good people, but hey...)
Sarasota Film Festival (of course)
Almost Famous Film Festival (Phoenix, Arizona)
Indie Spirit Fest (Colorado Springs, CO)
New Filmmakers (NY/LA)
Seattle True Independent Film Festival (Seattle, WA)
New York Underground Film Festival (I think I'm overreaching here, but hey, gotta try.)

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