Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mulder, it's me...

Mulder, it's me...
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We got these in yesterday (there were four in the tube, I had permission to take one.) I snagged mine last night. The only thing I have from the previous movie, which I think ended up falling off my bookbag anyway (*sadface*), was a pin given to me by one of the box office people because I'd purchased a ticket for every showing on the opening day, including the special midnight.

Yes, I watched The X-Files: Fight the Future seven or eight times in one day (if you include the Thursday midnight since it WAS technically shown on Friday)...and it was SO MUCH FUN. Would have been better had I a friend to sit with me, but none of my friends have that kind of patience...or love of The X-Files.

I did the same thing with Star War - Episode One: The Phantom Menace. That was decidedly less fun until the end Uber-battle between Qui Gon Jinn, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Darth Maul. I LOVE that fight. And, okay, I like the pod race...

Right now, I'm about eight episodes into the sixth season. So many memories...I love it!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Look it what I picked up today!

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My Eddie Izzard tickets!! It's too bad he's gonna be butch now...I guess he's gotta keep the scruff for The Riches. I'm so excited!

I you look to the left, in the darkness, you can see my pile of rejection letters from various festivals. heh

I guess now is as good a time as any for my monthly round-up:

All rejections. Nashville, Indie Spirit, New York Underground, and Sarasota. Also, I didn't place in the Romero contest. I'm planning on finding some micro-film festivals and sending "aftershock" to those. However, I'm just not feeling well (major allergy attack) and wanna go lie down now.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This cat's a hoopy frood.

see more crazy cat pics

It's too bad the 2006 H2G2 movie didn't do well...I'd LOVE to see them make the rest of the books into movies. I loved the movie just about as much as I loved the books and the 80s miniseries. I wasn't sure about Mos Def as Ford at first, but he was an excellent choice. Great flick.

If you haven't read the books yet, I highly recommend picking them up, even if you're not a fan of sci-fi. They're hilarious and made from awesome.

Doomsday, Automaton Transfusion, Death Race 2000

I haven't done a movie review for a while and I have THREE, yes, THREE reviews!!  I'll start with the good review first:
Doomsday was written and directed by Neil Marshall, who I think is my long lost mindbrother. He's making the most kick-ass English-language horror / horror-like flicks these days, blowing everyone else out of the water. As I wrote to my co-worker who will read the note tomorrow: "Doomsday is like everything I ever wanted for my birthday (which is October 26 so don't get confused). It is what would have happened if The Road Warrior and Excalibur had a child with a mad case of 28 Days Later as they were escaping from New York. Yes, it is that badass."
Since I happen to LOVE all of the movies mentioned (except Excalibur because I haven't seen it, but I couldn't think of any well regarded medieval movies), this one little picture encapsulates everything I love about them and expounds on them in cool ways. It's freakin' awesome. And Tyler Bates's score cannibalizes from the music of John Carpenter (just a touch of synthesizers in there amongst the guitars and pounding drums) and the 28 Days / Weeks Later scores in a heavy, intense soundtrack that was exactly what the movie needed.
I was really happily surprised to hear Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Spellbound." I thought it a little strange being that the song was from 1981 and it's supposed to be a futuristically primative 2033 (I think...I know it's in the 2030s.) Maybe I'm just thinking with an American brain, but I'm not entirely sure a kid born in the early 2000s and grows up isolated and without electricity is going to know anything about classic "post-punk" from fifty movie-years previous. Few kids now could tell you who they were and we have electricity and are only twenty seven years removed. Then again, they all have hair dye and neat urban-tribal, almost Gaelic, tattoos to go with their real mohawks (I'm so sick of the faux-hawk, I want to smack somebody. You want a mohawk, then do it right! Commit, ya tosser!!)
The cast is brilliant and Rhona Mitra is absolutely phenomenal. No matter how large or small each actors' role is, you remember them, not because they were cheesy, but because they were good.
Be warned, case The Descent didn't fill you in, Marshall likes the gore. The effects are all well done, very gory and well-heh-executed.
Excellent flick if you like movies like the ones I mentioned. There's a thin line between rip-off and mash-up when there are so many obvious influences and this, to me, is a mash-up because it was done well.
Automaton Transfusion was directed by...well, you know what? I don't care who directed it. I don't care who wrote it. It was a crappy movie. I watched ten minutes out of the 75 minute running time. It was laughably bad "plot"-wise, predictable, and it looked like it was filmed on someone's cell phone.
Don't bother.
Death Race 2000 was directed by Paul Bartel and written by Robert Thom. It starred David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone in a race of interesting looking cars across a totalitarian run America. While elements of the story are relevent today, and there were a few interesting bits, I didn't think of it as the Godsend I've heard it was for years. It was a bit silly and politically heavy-handed, especially when your lead character looks like The Gimp from Pulp Fiction for three quarters of the movie, but I was able to sit through it with only a little mumbling from the peanut gallery that is me so it was alright.
That said, you may want to pick it up for a view if you like Roger Corman flicks because this one is being remade by America's version of Uwe Boll: Paul W.S. Anderson. I can just about guarantee that as silly as this one is, it's better than whatever Anderson's brain vomits forth.
Okay, that's enough from me. I need to go play some God of War: Chains of Olympus and sleep. :D

Sunday, March 16, 2008

This is something that is probably fascinating to me only...

...but, hey...isn't that what blogging is all about? To find others who find similar things interesting and discuss?
She isn't in very many projects any more, but one of my favourite actresses ever is Heather Langenkamp (not that she should need the introduction, but she played Nancy in A Nightmare on Elm Street.) Ten years ago, she played Marie in a TV show called Just the Ten of Us which was on ABC's pre-TGIF line-up. It was a freakin' hilarious show that I still watch from time to time (yay for VCRs), but I'll save my nostalgic rambling on it for another time.
Two other Ten of Us alumni were in the Nightmare series: JoAnn Willett (Connie) had a very small role in part 2 and Brooke Theiss (Wendy) played Debbie in part 4.
Recently, Heather Langenkamp was at a horror convention and they'd also asked Brooke Theiss to be there. It was like a mini Ten of Us reunion! While I always wish that I could go to a con where Ms. Langenkamp is a guest, I REALLY wish I could have been at this one.
April A. Taylor took this picture of Ms. Langenkamp and Ms. Theiss at the convention. Yes, this shade of green I'm wearing is Jealousy. It's by Maybelline.
I'm not an autograph hound. I do have a few from a couple of Xena conventions I went to and I can get caught up in the autograph fever, but normally, I would just want to talk to whichever famous person I happen to see. However, I must admit that if I ever got to opportunity to meet them, I would have them sign this:
I've worn this shirt a couple of times, but it's not a size that I feel comfortable in. And it's white. I don't really wear white, but it is an original Ten of Us crew shirt. Steve Marshall, of Guntzleman, Sullivan, and Marshall, the producers of Ten of Us, is my mentor and a good friend. Around the time I graduated from high school, he sent this and another (far more personally valuable) piece of memorabilia to me.
One day, I will work with these women (I already have a part I wrote just for Brooke Theiss...I haven't yet created a character worthy of Heather Langenkamp...) And JoAnn Willett. Maybe even Jamie Luner, so long as I can get the "Ancient Egyptian birdcall" Luner and not the bombshell.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Site of the Month!

Well, okay...I admit that the title of this post is a bit of a misnomer as I don't plan on highlighting a new site every month, just when the mood takes me, but titling something "Site of the Moment That I Remember That I Should Write a Real Post About It" is ridiculously long and sounds kind of mean when I don't mean it to be. Anyway...
SITE OF THE MONTH: The Art of M.G. Nunnery
Matthew is an amazing artist, musician, and fan of Star Wars. He and his girl, Janine (the Miss Lolli of my most recent short flick 'aftershock" and a damn good photographer and geek in her own right), are also two of the best people I know. Matthew's official site just barely scratches the surface of his talent, but is a good taste of what all is in that wonderful melon of his. I mean...if nothing else, just look at his amazing website design!
He's also an animator, working under the banner "Booo Tooons" with Janine Lolli and Trevor Thompson. You can see a little of their work in the "M.G. Presents" section of the site -- it's the button with the film strip, same as where his remix of my Without/Within trailer is (a copy of which I got from him, but have been totally remiss in posting anywhere other than MySpace. I'm working on that...) They also have a Booo Tooons blog maintained and updated by Trevor.
Matthew's got a Cafe Press where you can pick up t-shirts, hats, and mugs bearing his art and his tattoo designs: The Giftshop of M.G. Nunnery.
Go visit his site and bask in the glory that is M.G. Nunnery!

Friday, March 7, 2008

I'll take it where I can get it!

I went to the George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead MySpace page today and found this:
Well, the green writing is mine, but LOOKIT! I'm on the front page!! HAHAHAHAHA! *dances like a crazy white girl*
*ahem* Uh...  Yes, that made me smile a bit.
Also, last I checked the percentage on my video, I was at 42%. Not only is that the meaning of life, the universe and everything, it's also Fox Mulder's apartment number and Dr. House's favourite number.
I would hang my head in shame if I wasn't proud of being a geek. :D
Still no word from any of the festivals...I hope that, if nothing else, I get a rejection letter. I need something to pin to my wall, darnit!

In case you want to see it (again and again *teehee*):

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