Sunday, March 16, 2008

This is something that is probably fascinating to me only...

...but, hey...isn't that what blogging is all about? To find others who find similar things interesting and discuss?
She isn't in very many projects any more, but one of my favourite actresses ever is Heather Langenkamp (not that she should need the introduction, but she played Nancy in A Nightmare on Elm Street.) Ten years ago, she played Marie in a TV show called Just the Ten of Us which was on ABC's pre-TGIF line-up. It was a freakin' hilarious show that I still watch from time to time (yay for VCRs), but I'll save my nostalgic rambling on it for another time.
Two other Ten of Us alumni were in the Nightmare series: JoAnn Willett (Connie) had a very small role in part 2 and Brooke Theiss (Wendy) played Debbie in part 4.
Recently, Heather Langenkamp was at a horror convention and they'd also asked Brooke Theiss to be there. It was like a mini Ten of Us reunion! While I always wish that I could go to a con where Ms. Langenkamp is a guest, I REALLY wish I could have been at this one.
April A. Taylor took this picture of Ms. Langenkamp and Ms. Theiss at the convention. Yes, this shade of green I'm wearing is Jealousy. It's by Maybelline.
I'm not an autograph hound. I do have a few from a couple of Xena conventions I went to and I can get caught up in the autograph fever, but normally, I would just want to talk to whichever famous person I happen to see. However, I must admit that if I ever got to opportunity to meet them, I would have them sign this:
I've worn this shirt a couple of times, but it's not a size that I feel comfortable in. And it's white. I don't really wear white, but it is an original Ten of Us crew shirt. Steve Marshall, of Guntzleman, Sullivan, and Marshall, the producers of Ten of Us, is my mentor and a good friend. Around the time I graduated from high school, he sent this and another (far more personally valuable) piece of memorabilia to me.
One day, I will work with these women (I already have a part I wrote just for Brooke Theiss...I haven't yet created a character worthy of Heather Langenkamp...) And JoAnn Willett. Maybe even Jamie Luner, so long as I can get the "Ancient Egyptian birdcall" Luner and not the bombshell.

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