Saturday, June 16, 2012

the STELLA BUIO trailer!

I finished cutting the trailer for Stella Buio the day before yesterday and posted it to YouTube, then decided to take yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow off from the post process. I wrote the film, I produced the film, I cast it, directed it, shot it, am doing any computer based visual effects I need to, I'm editing it, and I'm promoting it. It's a lot and I'm feeling a bit toasty, but that's what you do on no-to-low budget movies - length doesn't matter.

So, here it is! The trailer for Stella Buio! The film stars Chris Cline, Lance Flint, Laura D'Anieri, Shawn McBee, Melanie Robel, and Linnea Quigley.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stella Buio wrapped! Yay!!

I'm sitting here, editing the teaser for Stella Buio (well, doing VFX work first, which was something I had not anticipated doing especially for minor issues, but the name of the game in indie film is roll with the punches!) and I realized that I hadn't updated my blog to say "FILM'S DONE!"

I've been posting a new behind the scenes photo every day on my Tumblr ( and trying to get the first teaser cut before I take a day or two off to recuperate a little before launching myself into full blown Post Land.

We didn't make our IndieGoGo goal, which I figured would happen. Or not happen. You know what I mean. But we got enough to shoot the film, make sure people were fed and hydrated, make sure the actors and crew got a little bit of money for their time and gasoline for their drive, get it out to festivals and the contributors, and to get proper art done by Bonni Reid.

Other than a few surprising issues, the shoot itself went beautifully! The cast was amazing and I'm so lucky to have gotten such amazing people: Chris Cline, Lance Flint, Laura D'Anieri, Shawn McBee, Melanie Robel, and, of course, the amazing Linnea Quigley.

The footage looks gorgeous thanks to my lighting guy Wheat! I'm good at framing shots, but he's the master of the lights and that makes all of the difference.

My brother came along for the ride this time. He hasn't been on one of my film sets before. He was kind enough to shoot all of the behind the scenes photos and videos (which I'll also be working on) and helped Wheat set up and move lights and gear around.

Janine, of course, was back for more torture. She recorded sound for me again and helped out where she could. So much couldn't happen if it weren't for her awesomeness.

We shot the main stuff over two long days so we could get the out-of-town actors wrapped quickly. Last night, we wrapped principal photography entirely. Now, it's just a matter of editing the footage, seeing what, if anything, needs to and can be reshot or picked up, and then I can send it to Shawn (my brother) for scoring!

This has been a great break, but I'd better get back to the teaser. These VFX shots won't effect themselves and I want to have this one shot done before I go to bed.