Monday, November 26, 2007

More festival submissions.

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I have four additions to the festival submission list: FirstGlance, Women's Independent Cinema (and it was FREE!), Show Off Your Shorts, and Eerie Film Festival (thanks Rory! Forgot all about this one! Most of the rest on your list have closed for the season, but they're good to keep in mind.)

I'm sending these, and more friends discs, out tomorrow.

SpoogE and TrAilz: I've had your discs set aside from the beginning, don't worry. It's just a matter of getting them to youse guys. :D

Friday, November 23, 2007

Batch One Sent

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Well, after finally fixing the problems with the burn and getting everything repackaged, I sent out the first wave of DVDs today. The second wave will go out probably Monday since I have all of Sunday to submit and package. I'll be going to Best Buy tomorrow to get DVD cases (I hate Christmas crowds...they're all impatient and mean normally, so add in the pressures of holiday shopping and you have Teh Hayt.)

I've added three more film festivals to the six already listed: the Baltimore Women's Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, and the Indie Gathering.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


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I'm still having problems with the burn. Jon called me last night and said that his copy stopped at 19 minutes, 29 seconds and sure as heck, it does. I'm working on solutions right now and have contacted Sony Customer Support (at 7 this morning, thank you very much.) I've got a couple of ideas, though.

If nothing works, I have a DVD burner on my laptop and will try there and will get only the essential DVDs out (sorry guys) because I need to get this resolved before I can go any further. If nothing else works, if I can't fix it and Sony can't either, I guess I'll prep a master and take that to a duping house. I don't like it being out of my hands, though.

edited to add: I've fixed it. I don't know what the issue was, but I fixed it. The only thing I can imagine is that the editing computer burner didn't like the rest of the Sony discs after the 19:29 mark because it likes Verbatim just fine. Also, I installed DVD Architect on my laptop and burned a Sony disc there and it played fine, too, so now I have TWO burners working to get these discs out!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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I went to sleep at 7 this morning, after pushing and shoving my way through the DVD burning process whilst simultaneously submitting the movie to festivals through Withoutabox. During that process, I ran out of my beloved Sony discs and cracked open a brand new Memorex spindle (no, I'm not getting compensated for all my plugging...), finished up Batch One to be mailed out and went to bed. When I woke up this morning, however, mom informed me that the discs don't work. None of them work...except the Sony ones.

Pardon my American here, but FUCK.

I didn't know this at the time, obviously, but Memorex's DVD+R apparently won't work with my Samsung burner. I was understandably distraught, especially after being up until 7 in the bloody morning, but I went online, went to, got a 100 pack of Sony DVD+Rs and am burning off the replacement copies now (yay for in-store pick-up!) So...I will be mailing them out tomorrow and I will be adding the DVD requests from you loverly people into that first batch. :D

My brain is on the toasty side of Sears and tonight is like a Thursday thanks to tomorrow's Thanksgiving openings, but you know what that means? I get to finally watch Enchanted!!!

edited to add: The final runtime is 28 minutes and 8 seconds.

edited again to add:
I've submitted to the following festivals (this is obviously more for me than you good people, but hey...)
Sarasota Film Festival (of course)
Almost Famous Film Festival (Phoenix, Arizona)
Indie Spirit Fest (Colorado Springs, CO)
New Filmmakers (NY/LA)
Seattle True Independent Film Festival (Seattle, WA)
New York Underground Film Festival (I think I'm overreaching here, but hey, gotta try.)

It is done...

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I finished the movie half an hour ago -- I let mom watch it to have a fresh pair of eyes before rendering. I needed some time away from it so I could come back and see that, yes, this needs to be trimmed, this needs to be moved, this needs to be smoothed...etc, etc, etc. I started rendering before I saw ow long it was finally, but it can't be more than 28 minutes and 10 seconds. Of course, I want to watch it on my teevee to make sure it looks and sounds okay (because it looks very pretty on my monitor) before I put my final stamp of approval on it, but it is, for all intents and purposes, done.

Rory and CJ: I need your addresses, please. Send them to so I can send your copies off to you.

After I do some research and some graphics for the menu screen, I'll be sending out the first batch of festival entries tomorrow (and family/friends/cast discs :D).

To be honest, I'm still a little too close to it to say if I love it. I can say with all honesty that I'm happy with it and I think that means more, y'know? Any other blemishes couldn't be fixed...I tried.

I'm already thinking about the next short film I want to make. Yes, I'm thinking about doing a short again because I want to work out my mistakes on shorts before I try my hand at a feature. I'm compiliing a bunch of short stories into a book and one of the stories is, of course, about zombies. Don't worry, it's also very small scale.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Final Cut: Round One

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Colour correction: looks pretty good. Not entirely satisfied yet, but I may be too close to it to be able to judge properly.
VOs and Foley: Sounds good. :D
Current runtime: 28 minutes, 11 seconds.

TrAilz came over today and we got her VOs and the foley of her truck done and that was the last of the "stuff from other people" that I needed for the flick. Then, I sat down and pounded away at it, getting other sound effects and applying effects and now my head is spinning with numbers and angles and track motions, but it looks good. I've figured out an effect for a certain scene (the eyes thing I talked about before) that I'm satisfied with. I just need to sleep on the edits and then dive back in for round two: making sure the fades and cuts flow. I think the sound is as good as I can make it without hearing it through my system. I had problems with a gunshot sound effect, but was able to beef it up a bit.

I'm so very happy with how it's turning out, though. After I had TrAilz watch the rough cut, and saw that she was genuinely surprised with how well it's coming out, I did make sure to mention that for not having been able to do ANYthing beyond writing and doing camera for other people's projects for the longest time, I'd say it's pretty damn good.

I'm off to sleepy-byes now...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Without/Within postproduction update

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I've been pecking at it all day and have emerged from the cocoon of my noise-reduction headphones to report that the rough cut (minus a couple of VOs) is done -- I'll hopefully be getting the VOs next week. With credits and everything, it clocks in at just over 28 and a half minutes, but that will change, of course, as I find things I need to trim or lengthen, foley I need to capture or find (psst! Hey Rory! This is a great website for free foley:, and all that jazz.

I've got only two major things to do: somehow deaden my lead actress's eyes (I sat here for about an hour colouring nearly 180 frames by hand...then saw that it looked strange when I played it back, with this dancing near-black dot in her eye, AND it won't work -- yeah, not thrilled) or settle for an effect over that scene and then colour correct stuff.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

editing update

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After some concerted effort last night and today (and the fact that TrAilz and I couldn't meet up for her VO), I'm up to twelve minutes, thirty eight seconds done on the rough cut of the film. I went ahead and did the radio announcer VO myself (seven takes, thank you very much) and got some foley of my alarm clock, the most dreaded sound in the world. I've also altered the order of the film a tad. I hope it flows better this way, but we'll see when I'm done with the rough cut.

Editing with Vegas is deceptively easy. It looked daunting at first, but I just dove right in with my movie (didn't even make a music video first, like I normally do) and I think I've got the hang of it, though "auto-ripple" trips me up sometimes.

I hope that maybe I'll be able to watch the completed rough cut by Monday when I go to work, but that may be a tall order. :D

Thursday, November 1, 2007

First Five Minutes

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So, after a small start yesterday, I knocked out a chunk of the rough cut of the film today: the first five minutes. Doesn't sound like much, but when it comes to the beginning of something, it's huge.

I ended up filming the door knob cutaway last night and when I asked mom today if she could tell which of the door knob shots was done on location, she had no idea so YAY for that!

I decided to stop there because we have Day Watch here to be watched and it's my last day of vacation. Plus, I have to go to bed early tonight -- I'm working day shift alone of my co-workers is sick and has been for the past four days or so.