Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Final Cut: Round One

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Colour correction: looks pretty good. Not entirely satisfied yet, but I may be too close to it to be able to judge properly.
VOs and Foley: Sounds good. :D
Current runtime: 28 minutes, 11 seconds.

TrAilz came over today and we got her VOs and the foley of her truck done and that was the last of the "stuff from other people" that I needed for the flick. Then, I sat down and pounded away at it, getting other sound effects and applying effects and now my head is spinning with numbers and angles and track motions, but it looks good. I've figured out an effect for a certain scene (the eyes thing I talked about before) that I'm satisfied with. I just need to sleep on the edits and then dive back in for round two: making sure the fades and cuts flow. I think the sound is as good as I can make it without hearing it through my system. I had problems with a gunshot sound effect, but was able to beef it up a bit.

I'm so very happy with how it's turning out, though. After I had TrAilz watch the rough cut, and saw that she was genuinely surprised with how well it's coming out, I did make sure to mention that for not having been able to do ANYthing beyond writing and doing camera for other people's projects for the longest time, I'd say it's pretty damn good.

I'm off to sleepy-byes now...

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