Thursday, November 8, 2007

Without/Within postproduction update

(moved from LiveJournal to December 8, 2007.)

I've been pecking at it all day and have emerged from the cocoon of my noise-reduction headphones to report that the rough cut (minus a couple of VOs) is done -- I'll hopefully be getting the VOs next week. With credits and everything, it clocks in at just over 28 and a half minutes, but that will change, of course, as I find things I need to trim or lengthen, foley I need to capture or find (psst! Hey Rory! This is a great website for free foley:, and all that jazz.

I've got only two major things to do: somehow deaden my lead actress's eyes (I sat here for about an hour colouring nearly 180 frames by hand...then saw that it looked strange when I played it back, with this dancing near-black dot in her eye, AND it won't work -- yeah, not thrilled) or settle for an effect over that scene and then colour correct stuff.

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