Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Site of the Month!

Well, okay...I admit that the title of this post is a bit of a misnomer as I don't plan on highlighting a new site every month, just when the mood takes me, but titling something "Site of the Moment That I Remember That I Should Write a Real Post About It" is ridiculously long and sounds kind of mean when I don't mean it to be. Anyway...
SITE OF THE MONTH: The Art of M.G. Nunnery
Matthew is an amazing artist, musician, and fan of Star Wars. He and his girl, Janine (the Miss Lolli of my most recent short flick 'aftershock" and a damn good photographer and geek in her own right), are also two of the best people I know. Matthew's official site just barely scratches the surface of his talent, but is a good taste of what all is in that wonderful melon of his. I mean...if nothing else, just look at his amazing website design!
He's also an animator, working under the banner "Booo Tooons" with Janine Lolli and Trevor Thompson. You can see a little of their work in the "M.G. Presents" section of the site -- it's the button with the film strip, same as where his remix of my Without/Within trailer is (a copy of which I got from him, but have been totally remiss in posting anywhere other than MySpace. I'm working on that...) They also have a Booo Tooons blog maintained and updated by Trevor.
Matthew's got a Cafe Press where you can pick up t-shirts, hats, and mugs bearing his art and his tattoo designs: The Giftshop of M.G. Nunnery.
Go visit his site and bask in the glory that is M.G. Nunnery!


Marvin the Martian said...

Excellent promotion! You are MOST convincing. I will have to go look at it. ;-)

Lori said...

Thank you. I do try. :D