Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Festival round up: January '08

Of the fourteen 2007 entries, I've only received one rejection (the Almost Famous festival out in Arizona, which is currently pinned to the wall behind / above my computer) and one disqualification (Show Us Your Shorts and that was because I mailed it out right when the holiday season started so it arrived too late...ah well.) New Filmmakers NY has, apparently, rolled my entry over so I'm in consideration for the Summer programme. The next festival I'm supposed to hear from is FirstGlance on or around February 2.
I've entered two more festivals, as of last night as a matter of fact: ShockerFest and Fantastic Fest. My movie is not, I'm sorry to say, a horror film, but I'm hoping that some elements will appeal to them. It's in a limbo state as far as its genre classification is concerned. It's more of a thriller than a drama and far more dramatic than horrific. You don't really see any monsters and not even that much blood, but it's about demons. Tough to classify. Ah well. I have a feeling that-that will plague me for the duration of my career. I welcome it! :D
And: the contest details have been posted for the Diary of the Dead competition. Basically, they want a three minute zombie flick. I should have known they'd restrict it to zombies, but three minutes? That's a tough one. If nothing else, it'll be an interesting challenge so I've written my script and will start actual storyboards tomorrow or this weeekend. I have very specific shots that I want so I want to attempt to sketch them out to make it easier for my crew if they want to join me. If not, I can do it's three minutes...
Well, that's enough for this month's festival round-up! More to come when I have something to share!

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