Monday, January 14, 2008

Masters of Horror: The Damned Thing

The Damned Thing was directed by Tobe Hooper from a script by Richard Christian Matheson which was adapted from a story by Ambrose Bierce. It's about a sheriff who, as a young boy, watched his father kill his mother and come after him before being ripped to shreds (in a pretty impressive effect from those wonderful peeps at KNB) by an unseen force. Now, his birthday's coming and the damned thing's coming after him, too.
This is an episode that felt really rushed. Everything about it was great, but it felt like they took their time with the first thirty minutes and then read the rest of the script and said, "Holy crap, we have to fit all of this into thirty minutes?! OKAY HURRY!! HURRY!!" Other than that, it was pretty good.
Overall, from what I've seen of season two (I've seen seven of the thirteen episodes) the quality of the work has gone (mostly) up. I hope that they get a green light for season three (and this strike ends soon enough for that to happen) because I'd heard that if there's a third season, Stephen King would come aboard (if I see him at the theatre, I should ask...but I usually try to not bother him, unlike our red shirts.) And, who knows...maybe George A. Romero will have a little time before embarking on Diary of the Dead 2 to give us an episode.
While we're on my season three wishlist, I'd also like to see Guillermo del Toro and Park Chan Wook come on board. At this point, I'm REALLY dreaming, but at least I know this...

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