Monday, January 14, 2008

St. George of the Dead and my conundrum...

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If you watch that trailer, you'll know what my conundrum is. About a week or two after the writer's strike started, I stopped using MySpace (well, except for one point where I had to answer an email that came in response to one I sent -- didn't want to be rude) because MySpace is owned by Fox. But with George A. Romero running a short horror film contest, the winner of which will be put on the DVD of Diary of the Dead, I'm sorely tempted to go back just for that. My only problem is, outside of the contest being run through MySpace...I don't have anything ready. Yes, I have a zombie script that I'm going to be shooting in May, but I don't want to give George A. Romero a zombie short. He's already done it all and better than I could so while I want to make a couple of zombie movies, I don't know if I want to send my zombie stuff to him for what could possibly be his best zombie film ever.
Oh, how I wish he had an official non-MySpace website that was also hosting the contest, but I know that MySpace is brilliant given what he's saying in Diary of the Dead. I mean, his son's a web designer, for pete's sakes... Maybe the writer's strike will be over soon and I can go enter in clear conscience, but until then, I'm just going to have to languish in my despair of not entering. 
I wonder how many entrants are going to send him zombie flicks...and ripoffs of the Diary idea to boot...

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