Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stella Buio fundraising

I'm raising money for my new short film which is called STELLA BUIO. It's in the vein of classic Italian zombie flicks from the 70s like Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, and THE BEYOND with lighting in the vein of Mario Bava (specifically "The Drop of Water" from BLACK SABBATH and Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA.) I've got less than a month to raise the funds via IndieGoGo. It's more ambitious than I've done in the past. I've got someone handling the lighting for me (Wheat!), I've got someone handling the practical effects for me (Greg Baker of Divine Imagery!), I've got a professional artist doing my poster art (Bonni Reid!) and I'm bringing in some immensely talented actors such as Melanie Robel and the legendary Linnea Quigley. My brother, Shawn Bowen of World Collision, will be handling the score for me and if you go to the gallery page of my campaign, you can hear sample of the tracks he's already sent to me. The $10,000 goal encompasses everything: practical effects, props, food, gasoline, hotel rooms, actors, festival fees, promotional materials, post-production, everything. I won't come back a month or two later asking for more money for this project or finishing funds or money to help me get to festivals or anything like that. This money does not go to me, it goes toward making what I think will be an awesome, fun short film. If we don't meet the goal, the film will be made anyway. If you want to help, but you're uncomfortable with online donations, email me at Kimyoo . Films @ gmail . com. If you can't donate, but want to help, please pass the link to the IndieGoGo campaign to others.

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