Saturday, April 14, 2012

Film Festival Confessional: The Sarasota Film Festival Day One

Last night, I went to the opening night film and party for the Sarasota Film Festival. I got there a little early, rolling up in my boldly emblazoned taxicab (the venue where the event was held is within walking distance, but oi with the sweating and the nice clothes, so no thank you) and I took a deep, fortifying breath before walking up to a volunteer to ask about doing the red carpet. They didn't know so they asked another volunteer who said that I couldn't walk the red carpet.

I asked this volunteer: "Even though I'm an artist with a film in the festival, I can't walk the red carpet?"


"So it's reserved for the big names like Frank Langella?" (Who is very nice, by the way, at least in my limited interaction with him.)


Welcome to the Sarasota Film Festival!

After that, I got in line to get into the venue to watch Robot and Frank starring Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon (unfortunately, either she said no, the festival couldn't afford her, or they didn't try to get her because she wasn't there...though there was one woman in the audience who resembled her.) It was a cute flick, though it felt a little long. And needed more Susan Sarandon (but I'm biased as I love her like whoa.)

Afterwards was the opening night party replete with fog and lasers and a video D.J. playing music by the Black Eyed Peas, but the volume was at a reasonable level since the doors were open. I said a few hellos, I was interviewed by SRQ Magazine (it's not up yet and lord knows if they'll put it up), I met Frank Langella, and I had a chocolate cake pop, then I walked my ass home.

All told, it was an okay night. Let's see what tonight holds!

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