Sunday, November 2, 2008


Alrighty then! Now that the IMDb has finally corrected a few things, I
can put out the IMDb page for my film <a href="
">Without/Within</a> and not worry about people thinking I was the
bodybuilder Lori Bowen when they click on my name. That is so not me.
When Pumping Iron was made, the film that Lori Bowen the Bodybuilder
was in, I was all of like five or six. I'd asked them to make me Lori
Bowen (II), but I still went through as the first. I asked them to
correct it or look into it or whatever and they removed the Pumping
Iron credit so now I'm Lori Bowen (I). Okay. I wouldn't want to tick
off the bodybuilder so hopefully everything's worked out properly...

Also, I received four rejections in one day for four different writing
projects. I'm currently working on a new script so I won't be able to
get a new story ready for submission to Cemetery Dance anytime soon,
but I hope to find other resources through <a href="
">Pretty/Scary</a> where I can submit my work. Otherwise, I'm just
going to self-publish a book. Heh. goes it for y'all? How was your Hallowe'en and post-
Hallowe'en recovery?

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