Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Kimyoo Films is looking for four actors for a very low budget short silent film to be shot in Sarasota, Florida, over four or five days in mid- to late December, but not concurrently. The majority of the shoot takes place in the daytime. There are light stunts, but no dialogue to memorize. It's an excellent opportunity for actors and actresses to use their body as opposed to their voice as the tool for expression. "A Hammer Fell in Jerusalem: Anathema" is the story of two people fighting against a caste of fallen angels to save themselves, and possibly humanity, twenty years after God lifted His Grace from the earth. The budget is very low, so much so that we cannot afford to properly pay for your time. Gas money and food will be provided. Kimyoo Films' previous short film, "Without/Within," received an Honourable Mention from the Indie Gathering in Cleveland, Ohio, and received a Best Actress nomination for Kristin Mellian and was given the Director's Choice Award at ShockerFest International Film Festival in Modesto, California. The roles are as follows: Please note: We're looking for dedication and talent, not skin colour. We want people of all races to send in their headshots! Laurel, mid-20s to early 30s. She starts out searching for help and ends up helping herself. Does a fair bit of running and struggling against a captor. Must appear to be a delicate flower, but also possess immense inner strength which comes out toward the end of the film. Abner, 60s-70s. He is a guide for the main characters. There is one pushing stunt. Tango, 20s. He's a thug working for the villain of the piece; he works with Milton. Does a fair bit of running and has two fights. Milton, 20s. He's also a thug working for the villain of the piece; he works with Tango. Also does a fair bit of running and has two fights. If you're interested, please send your headshot (with resume if you have one) to: We will get back to you as soon as we can. The cut-off date for the casting call is December 4, 2008.


Marvin the Martian said...

Will there be a caterer on location, or is it BYOB?

Lori said...

It's me and my producer going to Sweetbay to get food and drinks and setting that somewhere for the cast and crew to pick at through the course of the shoot until the lunch break when I take everyone out to eat.

I usually grab bottled water and fruit and such, she'll grab the food and soda that people actually eat like chips and salsa and stuff. :D

JessicaSantillo said...

My name is Jessica and I am 18 years old and live in Sarasota FL. Is there any way that i could audition for this? I am an aspiring actor, model, and dancer. Let me know. Thank you so much.

Lori said...

Hi Jessica!

You didn't leave an email where I could reach you and you didn't send an email to the address I listed in the post so I hope you get this. The film you're inquiring about has already been filmed, edited, and submitted to festivals and we're not currently casting for any projects.

If you'd like, you can go ahead and send a headshot / resume to and I'll keep it on file for future projects.

Thank you!

Lori Bowen
Kimyoo Films