Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I don't do the political thing normally, but today is November 4, election day in America. We have a historic election that is coming to an end either for McCain/Palin (dear god no, please no) or Obama/Biden (woo!) tonight. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for (Barack Obama!) or what to vote for (no on Prop 2 in Florida! no on Prop 8 in California!), but I will tell you that it's vitally important that you get out there and vote. If you don't think it is important, you've been asleep for at least the past eight years. Voting is about having a voice in your county, state, country, world. Who we elect represents us as the face of our country. It's immensely important to get out there and use your voice to effect change. Not voting effects change, too...just look at what Bush has done the past eight years.

Go ahead and argue that the election's rigged (in some places, I'm sure it is and has been since we gained autonomy from England), just don't tell me that voting is useless, pointless, or stupid. I won't agree and won't bother arguing with you about it. It's never stupid to stand up and speak for yourself and for others.

Get out and vote. If you're worried about the lines, take something to do. I downloaded Night of the Living Dead (1968) from the public domain section of the Internet Archives to my iPod to watch for the bazillionth time along with the 30's Svengali. (Profondo Rosso wouldn't work...makes me a sad panda.) Take a book, take your PSP, take some yarn and knitting needles. It doesn't matter so long as you vote.


Turns out I didn't need the movies. I walked my happy butt over, got right into my district, got my scantron ballot (really? scantron?!), voted, and put it in the ballot box. It took, including the walk time there and back, about forty minutes. And I really read what I was voting on to double check wording and such.



NoelCT said...

According to the little sticker on my shirt, "I voted." Though I did pack a book in my pocket, lines were also nonexistent here.

Lori said...


I put my sticker on my camera case. :D

NoelCT said...

It's interesting where those stickers end up. I've still got one on the dashboard of my van from '04.