Saturday, July 12, 2008

Life has been fabulously busy since getting Honourable Mention for Without/Within...

...okay, no it hasn't. Not really. Well, at least, not in the part of my
life I want to do for the rest of it, which is write and direct, but if
we're talking about my jorb at the theatre, then yes, it's been busy. But not fabulously so. To be perfectly honest, other than some stops in the land of Creativity, my life has been taken over by Gil Grissom and company. Watching CSI after work, however, does remind me of at least one reason why I don't want to kill my co-workers: I'd get caught.

Anyway, I do owe reviews and updates. Even my mom, who lives in this house with me, is chomping at the bit for my reviews. That's awfully nice of her, innit? But, before I launch into my reviews (if I can even remember what the heck I've seen), I'd like to say two things:

First of all, The X-Files: I Want to Believe comes out July 25. If you're as excited as I am for this flick, just know that there should be a special midnight showing at your local theatre. Presale tickets went live a couple of days ago at my theatre so I'd check with yours to make sure.

Secondly, I'm not a particularly social person so I don't find myself searching through the local paper websites for events I want to attend. That changed a few years ago when I managed to miss the touring production of The Producers and it was within walking distance from my house (a 45-minute walking distance, but still) and was strengthened this year when I saw Eddie Izzard live. That...was awesome...

Tonight, I learned that Carrie Fisher is on a five-city tour with her "fun woman show," Wishful Drinking. Of course, she's not listed to come to a theatre anywhere near me. In case any of you are, here's the list with dates:

Santa Fe, NM-Lensic Theatre, Jun 16-22, 2008
San Jose, CA-San Jose Repertory Theatre, Jul 23-Aug 2, 2008
Hartford, CT-Hartford Stage Company, Aug 5-17, 2008
Washington, D.C.-Arena Stage, Sep 1-28, 2008
Boston, MA-Huntington Theatre Company, Oct 10-26, 2008 (Her birthday's on
the 21st so wish her a good one!)

I would LOVE to see this. Postcards from the Edge is one of my favourite books. Ah well. At least the book version of the show apparently comes out in November.

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