Friday, February 15, 2008

Various and sundry...

Well, as some of you may know by now, the writer's strike is over! Some news organizations are crediting the AMPTP for "finally" settling the debate, but if anyone's actually been paying attention, most of their moguls have been sitting there with thumbs up their butts greenlighting one useless reality show after the other...or on vacation. The writers should be credited for the settlement, their persistence, and their solidarity and the fans should be given their props for being so supportive, something the AMPTP never saw coming. If the AMPTP had been interested in ending the WGA strike, it would have happened in the beginning, not 100 days on, but at least it's over least, it is until the actors get their turn at bat.
Over the past few days, I've been reigniting my MySpaces as I stopped using them during the strike. I've loaded my trailer onto both pages with teeny-tiny updates in the blog areas.
You can also check out Matthew Nunnery's remix of the trailer at his website. Just go to "M.G. Presents" which can be accessed via the little film button. He sent me a copy so I could load it to YouTube to show off here, but I think I accidentally deleted it when I was fetching email on my phone at work last night. I'll have that fixed soon...haha!
I send out my first short story submission yesterday, to the aforementioned Cemetery Dance. I also sent a script (a Masters of Horror spec) to WILDsound and the zombie short I was going to film after the Sarasota festival to two other festivals that accept short screenplays.
It's been a busy month so far...and I'm loving it! Each submission makes me happier and more giddy and makes me feel really positive, and I haven't even heard anything back yet. Regardless of the outcome of any of my submissions, at least I'm not just sitting back waiting for things to happen claiming that I can do better than everyone else, but not actually doing anything about it. Feels good.


Marvin the Martian said...

Good luck with your submissions! I know something good will come of them.

I was disappointed that the writer's strike ended. I want to hasten the demise of the Hollywood studios and their endless upchucking of rehashed pablum. And they wonder why their sales are sagging. ;-) Time to make room for new blood, new creativity, which by definition is NOT found in Hollywood.

Lori said...

The studios will only continue to put crap out...they have a stockpile of screenplays that could last them decades not to mention the direct-to-video craptastic sequels that they're all about throwing at us, such as WarGames: Dead Code or The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe.

They make my brain hurt.