Sunday, December 16, 2007

film festival updates

Okay, so the first notify deadline of the fifteen festival submissions has passed -- this past Friday as a matter of fact, for Show Off Your Shorts in L.A. -- and I didn't hear back. Unfortunately, my submission to this particular festival arrived too late and was subsequently disqualified.

I thought it would get there on time, but I didn't factor in how slow the US postal gets around the holidays so I just barely missed it. My first film festival disappointment, but honestly, I have no one to blame except myself as I thought I was able to get it in on time. That one was rushed. Ah well, there's always next year!

I did, hwowever, receive word from two festivals, Seattle True Independent Film Festival and Eerie Horror Film Festival, that they received my film and it's in consideration. That was awfully kind of them, to send along a note. Very cool. Even if I don't get in, I wouldn't think twice about sending them the next one.

The next film festival I should hear from is FirstGlance in Hollywood by January 2. From that point on, I'll either get in or NOT get in to the remaining thirteen festivals based on the strengths and weaknesses of the film itself (okay, and maybe some mistakes I made with my very first submission, but that part I'll never know because I don't think they tell you what you did wrong), not because it arrived too late.

As far as the next short is concerned: the script is done and it's been handed off to TrAilz and SpoogE for them to read whenever they have time to do so. I haven't bothered thinking about cast yet as this one is half as long, but twice as complicated as WITHOUT/WITHIN

I was originally going to go for an April start date for the new one, but the Sarasota Film Festival is April 4-13 and even if I'm not in it, I'll still be busy with it / because of it as I work in the theatre where it's hosted. I find out about that one on St. Patrick's Day. 

As for any other reason that I may not be accepted to film festivals (and I did think about this, but I know what's right)...such as my support of the writer's strike, let me say this: as a future member of the WGA, why wouldn't I support the people fighting for my future as well as the futures of hundreds, even thousands, of writers and their families? Not only that, but the WGA supports other unions, both industry and non-industry. Supporting them supports everyone. So, any festival that won't accept me not because they think my short film sucks, but because I support the strike isn't a festival I want to be a part of anyway.

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