Monday, October 22, 2007

Without/Within preproduction update: four days 'til shoot.

(moved from LiveJournal to December 8, 2007.)

After a few nearly heart-stopping issues in pre-production...all of which happened this past weekend, I think we're just about as ready as we're going to be to film over my birthday.

Janine and Matthew are coming over right now for lunch / cold rehearsal with my lead actor and then we're going to finish off the shopping list. Goodwill, here we come!!

Over the past twelve hours, I have become even MORE excited about making this film than I was even twenty four hours ago. I'll share more once filming has started, but whereas I was feeling a little
depressed, I'm now feeling pretty positive and full of energy.

Being on vacation at the same time helps, too. I can't imagine trying to deal with the stuff I've had to deal with over the past three days whilst at work. Yes, my friends, that would've sucked.

By the way...I've been up since eight thirty with very little sleep before that. So much stuff on my mind.

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