Monday, October 29, 2007

Without/Within: Day Three

(moved from Livejournal to December 8, 2007.)

Yesterday was day three, the last day, of principle photography for my movie. Everything started out really awesomely: TrAilz called around 12:15 and said that there was a schedule change and that she could be there for the entire shoot.


So I started to make the calls to try and get an early start because I scheduled us to start at three. I was trying to be kind scheduling the shoot so late because I knew Jon had gone to a party the night before, but I was also hoping that he didn't overdo it and I could get him up for the shoot. Finally got him on the phone, sounding like Tom Waits, at 2:30. Well, at least he was awake.

So we pick him up (after stopping off at Sweetbay for some more Karo syrup and food colouring -- the first blood batch was really weird -- and more caramel and apple slices) and head back to SpoogE's house so we can get to setting up and as SpoogE and TrAilz set about blocking out light, I start setting up for the first shot. I wanted a high intensity look, but because of how we had to block out light, it just became really well lit. We had to close the blinds and, for continuity, they had to remain closed. Since they were white blinds, a lot of light was reflected back into the room.

Ah well, so I'm not happy with that, but at least we got started (an hour or so later than I'd hoped) and were able to get one whole, complete scene in the can before breaking for dinner, after which we came back and hammered through the rest of the script. As it got later and later, I cut the angles, the amount of retakes, and even whole shots so we could get out on time according to my schedule and still have the shots I wanted.

I scheduled us until 3 in the morning and we were finally done around 2:30.

Over all, as far as the filming goes, since I haven't been able to direct anything in a long time, I think that other than being a little rusty it was a smooth shoot. There were a few bumps here and there, but we adapted and we had some great ideas from my crew and from Kristin's fiancee Aaron who had come down early to pick her up and hung around the set waiting for her. He's a very patient guy.

After striking the set, I got home around 3:30 or so with most of my equipment (I left some screws that go to my Glidecam at SpoogE's house, but I think I have everything else.)

Today, I start the Great Footage Dump and tomorrow I watch it all, looking for the best takes and angles and start to try and fit it all together. Tomorrow night / Wednesday and Thursday, I'm going to start editing, but since I go back to work Friday, I'll have to pick at it here and there.


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