Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Things are starting to come in...

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Equipment-wise, things are coming together. I haven't had enough brain power for some of the stuff I have to do -- I've had a lot to process lately -- but the first piece of equipment to arrive was the shock mount for my boom mic and when I woke up today, Vegas 7 (with Magic Bullet, BorisFX, and DVD Architect) was sitting on my couch.

I've just installed it and I'm going to need to practice with it as I've been using something else for the past couple of years now and everything's so jammed on the screen in Vegas that I have to readjust. First cool thing? I can make Neurotica sound like the Chipmunks just to amuse myself. :D

Anyhoo, I think that my mind is back in alignment and I'll be able to get more done for the preproduction. We've already decided on the park we're going to use and I've already cast the male actor. Next up: casting the rest of the roles, of course, and getting those photos from those who volunteered so I can get them to my digital guy. I also need to see what other props I need to get and what concessions I'll have to make, stuff that I just plain ol' can't get.

In other news, I've heard through the grapevine that one of my friends is "disappointed" that I'm making a short first and not just jumping in with a feature. Well, my response is that when he makes his own feature, then maybe he can talk. This backbiting attitude from some of the folks in this area is a major factor in why there is no united, concerted effort to do anything, much less make either feature or short movies. I've been trying to get this short made for several years. It's gone through various incarnations at the request of one of my friends who was going to produce it and yet I still couldn't get it off the ground, especially when another friend brought up his apparently more interesting (for a while anyway) vampire short. Now, I'll have my own equipment with which to film anything I can afford from my vast collection of scripts. If they're on board, great. If not, fine. I've got other friends who will help, too.

For me, it's not about making it, but doing it.

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