Sunday, June 19, 2011

L.A. trip the Third (Day Seven: Voice-overs and Re-Agent.)

My last day in L.A. was just as mind glowingly amazing as the previous six. I had arranged to record a voice-over for my new short film in the home studio of my friend Kristin Mellian, who was in my first film Without/Within and I was to meet my voice talent there so I walked from my hotel to Kristin's home (it was only a mile away and I made it in record time.) shortly after I got there, the talent arrived...the legendary Ms. Brinke Stevens!

Yes, THE Brinke Stevens, one of the most famous Scream Queens in cinema history, said yes to providing a voice for my short film! To say that I was (am) excited is an understatement.

Actress Brinke Stevens doing a voice over for my new short film.

Kristin's equipment is fantastic and the voice over sounds amazing! I can't wait to shoot this flick and cut everything together!

After we recorded the voice-over, Brinke, my friend Evy, and I all went to lunch at a strip mall sushi place called 4 for 6 on Ventura. Now, I know. Strip mall sushi just doesn't sound good, but this place was amazing. Yelp reviewers gave it great reviews and they weren't wrong! The sushi was super fresh, even as close to closing time as we got there, and the bento box lunch special was, to quote a friend, AMAZEBALLS.

After lunch with Brinke, Evy and I went to Citywalk and hung around for a while to spend time until the end of the night when I decided that we were going to go see Re-Animator, the Musical. Yes, you read that correctly, a stage musical based on Stuart Gordon's classic film. In fact, the stage musical was directed by Stuart Gordon and was adapted by Gordon and Dennis Paoli, who wrote the original.

I'd read that Gordon, a Master of Horror, would be in Europe for a film festival or to accept an award or something so I knew he wouldn't be there which I was disappointed about, but at the same time, it wasn't as if I'd get to meet him anyway.

The Steve Allen Theatre where the show is being put on is small, but cute, with surprisingly good seating. We did not sit in the front which is the splatter zone - I did that with Evil Dead and it was fun, but not something I'd want to do again - but we sat in the fifth row, center, and it was brilliant.

Just a quick recap, Re-Animator is a loose adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft story Herbert West, ReAnimator (Lovecraft's least favorite of his own works, by the way) about a young medical student who has been experimenting with a serum that reanimates the dead. It's also the first written story about zombies as we know and love them today, as brainless, violent walking corpses revived via scientific means.

The stage show has been held over for months, now. In fact, the day after Evy and I saw Re-Animator, the show had been held over once more so if you're reading this, you're in L.A., you love or even just like the movie, and you haven't seen it yet go see it now! It's absolutely fantastic!

Just before the show started, I saw someone who looked like Stuart Gordon sitting down by the sound/light board. Evy said that I should go say something to him, but I just wasn't sure enough, not to mention that the show was about to start. And at intermission, I didn't want to bother him.

The show ends and the audience pours out. I finally said, "Mr. Gordon!" but he didn't turn so I thought that it wasn't actually him. Then, just as we stepped out of the auditorium, he turned toward me.

It was him! It was him! It was him!

I was a cool customer as I shook his hand and said, "Mr. Gordon, my name is Lori. I'm a big fan and I just wanted to say congratulations, it's a great show, and thank you."

He thanked me in return and looked kind of surprised that I didn't ask for an autograph or a photo or anything. I didn't want to bother him. I was just lucky enough to catch him in the wild. Just as Evy and I turned away, a dude ran up to him, screaming his name to get his photo and autograph.

I sighed and left, quite satisfied with my encounter with one of the Masters of Horror.

Afterward, we went back to the hotel to get a little bit of sleep before our early-ass flight to PDX.

This was one of the best weeks of my life. I got to see Heather Langenkamp again, I got to meet Arlene Marechal, hang out with the Fies sisters, meet a bunch of ace people (especially Miguel with Monster Island Resort podcast and Jaye and Tony with the Zombie vs. shark podcast), got to have lunch with Brinke Stevens again and she did a voice-over for one of my movies (!), to hang out with one of my bestest friends, play with video games that are still months out from being released, and I met two Masters of Horror.

And I still had a vacation ahead of me that, as of this writing, is almost over.

I still have Days of the Dead in Indianapolis (I'm attending as a fan and to see Heather again) and another trip to L.A. for the main Viscera Film Festival event! After that, (and in between, too) I have a lot of filming to do. A lot. And I'm so excited!

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