Tuesday, June 7, 2011

L.A. Trip the Third (Day Four Part Deux)

When we last spoke of my intrepid adventures, I'd just found authentic Just the Ten of Us wardrobe and I became thirteen years old again (which is at least a little more grown up than my usual 8.)

I absolutely bought it and I absolutely, absolutely wore it! It fits me surprisingly well! I keep getting strange looks, though, as I wear it at E3. Not that I think people are remembering the show (the damn whippersnappers these days need to get the hell off my lawn...), but I think it just puzzles them.

After we all made our purchases, we went down to Johnny Rockets. I don't know if it was because we were all so hungry or if it's really that good, but damn that was a tasty burger (turkey of course.)

Lis was kind enough to give me a lift to the Hollywood and Highland station so I could grab the train back to the hotel. We made a quick detour on the way: she took me to Miracle Mile! I told her about how I saw the movie Miracle Mile just before I left this most recent trip so she took me to the main area where they filmed. Even the restaurant is still in there, though it's no longer 24 hours, and we passed by the tar pits. Holy crap!

I said my good-byes and hopped on the subway which took me to the bus which drops me off right in front of my hotel...not enough, perhaps, to warrant a whole post, but that last part really was awesome. :D

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