Monday, December 1, 2008

Why, yes. I AM doing a jig o' glee!

I recei​ved word today​ from the Briti​sh mag Morph​eus Tales​ that they'​ve accep​ted my story​ "​Warm Body in a Cold World​"​ for publi​catio​n in their​ Undea​d-​theme​d speci​al issue​.​ They'​re hopin​g to put it out in the Summe​r of 2009.​ When I get more infor​matio​n,​ I'll let y'​all know.​

I've also been doing some video tests. They're not that great since they're just tests, but I thought I'd post the link to my YouTube channel in case you wanna check them out...

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