Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A couple of quick notes!

It's been crazy over here at Kimyoo Haitch-Queue! I got back yesterday from Spooky Empire where I was on two filmmaker panels and I attended a screening of JustUs at the Enzian's October FilmSlam (I'd found out about it on October 1 and was busy getting ready for Spooky so I neglected to post about it here) so expect a write up of that as soon as I emerge more fully from my introvert's coma. :D I wanted to share some very cool stuff before I retreat!

First of all, JustUs has been accepted to Creative Loafing's Reel Terror Film Festival in Ybor City, Florida, which takes place on October 22. The festival runs noon to midnight, but I was told that my film will be programmed in the third shorts block which is 10:20 pm-11:10pm.

Secondly, Char Hardin has bestowed JustUs with our very first review! Read it here! Thank you, Char!

Thirdly (and finally), if you're in Worchester, Massachusetts, for Rock and Shock or Canton, Ohio, for the Canton Film Festival, don't forget that JustUs is playing both of these events! I know, right? Anyway, Rock and Shock is a horror convention with a film festival of the same name. Heather Langenkamp's film I Am Nancy plays a couple of hours after my film (teehee!) and Robert Englund's new film Inkubus plays a few hours after that! (teeheehee!)

I'll be updating the blog in the next week while I wait for paperwork things to move through. You know how it is...the world runs on paperwork! But keep an eye out for some interesting and exciting things to happen in the Kimyoo-niverse! (I JUST TOTALLY MADE THAT UP! And the fact that I'm kind of excited by that tells you just how freaking exhausted I am right now...)

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