Sunday, August 21, 2011

Washington, D.C. Day Two: And the winner is...

This was the second year of the World Music and Independent Film Festival and the second time Shawn and I were here with a music video; last year, "Essenger" was up for Best Alternative Rock Video and Best Cinematography, this year "Sine" was up for Best Alternative Rock and Most Creative video. We didn't win which, believe it or not, is okay. Don't get me wrong, it's always disappointing on some level to not win when you're up for something, but as long as the work that won deserved it, it's all good.

Last year was fairly disorganized, but I figured that it was the first year. It happens. I love Laura Hartman and Master June Daiguso, they're really great and they're trying hard, but this year was almost as disorganized as last, if not more so in some respects.

Last night, I counted 58 award categories, but they'd forgotten to put one in the program so there were actually 59 categories to announce yesterday, most with at least seven nominees. Plus, musical acts, I think there were six? And all of this was to take place in the space of four hours. Everything started late, too.

The filmmakers and special guests were asked to arrive at 10 am for the red carpet and interviews. That didn't get started until 10:30. Lunch was supposed to start at noon and that would've been the time to catch up and get back on schedule. Instead, lunch started at maybe 12:30 or 1:00.

At 3:30, they were maybe a third of the way through the awards and realized that they had the space until five. They cut one musical act and a few categories and were able to finish the show around 5:45. Now, I know the Oscars are God-awfully long and they have a special day for all of the awards that no one cares about, but this seemed excessive. And, you have to consider that the Oscars are that long because of commercial breaks, witty reparte, and their face-melting opening number (which should only be done by Billy Crystal.)

I can't vouch for the festival part of this event. Last year, I had no idea until the day of the gala that they even showed the films they accepted (which I did find strange) because the schedule wasn't posted on the website until too late. This year, we just couldn't afford to come for longer than a couple of days. I do know how hard it is to put on an event like this, but some mistakes shouldn't have been repeated and some mistakes shouldn't have happened. Maybe the third year will be the charm for them.

I'll enter again...I'm just not sure I'll come for the gala. It's entirely too long and most of the winners, at least in the music video category, didn't show. At least the afterparty was fun! The band Dirty Bath Water played and I quite liked them, I'll have to check out their music when I get home which will be tomorrow. While I don't necessarily have to hit the ground running, I do have a lot of projects that need my attention.

Either tomorrow or the next day, I'll post about our day at the zoo. :D

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