Saturday, February 19, 2011

More BleedFest awesomeness!

Alisha Rayne from let me know yesterday that they've put up a blog with all of the filmmaker interviews, including myself! Y'all know how weird I am about interviews, but that doesn't prevent me from sharing myself with the world when I can (even when I'm beset with one of the worst outbreaks of rosacea I've had in a long time) so here I am, in all of my red-faced glory! I suggest watching the whole thing, of course, but if you really just want to see me, I'm near the end of the third video down on the blog. BleedFest, a Badass Film Festival!

Huge thanks go to Alisha Rayne and Jeffrey Damnit and their crew for conducting the interviews and, of course, to the Fies Sisters and all of the wonderful women at BleedFest!!

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