Sunday, February 7, 2010

The music video is finished!

Part of the reason I've been even more silent than usual lately is because I was asked by my brother to create a music video for his band, World Collision. It took me a while to come up with a concept that I liked and that I felt captured the mood of the singer's lyrics and then I had to submit it for approval. As soon as I had that, I started casting, reaching out to Brian Dennis, who was in A Hammer fell in Jerusalem: Anathema, for the role of the Tempter and through him, I found the wonderful Miss Chelsey Panisch for the role of the Innocent. The rest of the cast speaks for themselves: the band is played by...the band. The Fire Dancer is Dr. Marguerite Barnett (how cool is that part, too? How cool is ALL of them? I mean, the fact that I made the video not withstanding, I love all of these people and it was so much fun to make this video!!)

After that, movement into actual production was swift. I did storyboards and a shot list and the next week, we shot all of the daytime stuff at Dr. Barnett's property, which I also used in AHFiJ: Anathema, and a couple of days later we shot the "limbo" and band stuff at night. I started editing at 11 am on Thursday and breaking only to go to work or grab a quick bite to eat, I finished post officially today, unofficially yesterday.

For those who are into the technical stuff, I shot in standard definition on my Panasonic DVX100b (no, I'm not being sponsored by them, but I have to say that love that freakin' camera) using the "squeeze" mode set to 24fps. I hadn't used that setting before, using standard 4:3 for Without/Within and AHFiJ: Anathema and letterbox for aftershock.

Without too much further ado, here is the video, as hosted by YouTube! (Watch in 480p if it gives you the option. Or you may want to watch it on YouTube since my blog format cuts off a bit on the right -- I'll work on that...):


NoelCT said...

It's great work, Lori. I'm impressed at how quickly you put it together as it doesn't look rushed in any way. You truly are a talent. And I love the bit where she wins in the end through rejection. Reminded me of Nancy's victory in the first ELM STREET.

Marvin the Martian said...


Panasonic makes great stuff, eh!

Lori said...

Noel: Thank you so much! Your Elm Street comment makes me giggle because while that wasn't my intention, per se, that's incredibly flattering!

Marvin: Thank you! So far, I haven't had a single complaint about anything Panasonic has made that I've owned or worked with *knocks on wood*... Absolutely love it!