Monday, March 16, 2009

Angel of Death round-up

Alright, Ed Brubaker's Angel of Death has finished its initial run on Crackle dot com, but you can still watch all ten episodes at that link. Chad (@crackledotcom) said that the DVD will be released in June. For those of you just joining us, Angel of Death is about a hitwoman named Eve who gets a conscience when she gets a knife to the brain and stars Kiwi stuntie and all-around kickass chick Zoe Bell (you've seen her all over and didn't even know it, but to actually see her do her thing, rent Double Dare and, of course, Death Proof.)

I've been talking up this show since it started and would have had this review up ages ago if I hadn't gotten all "ooh, shiny!" with work, writing, and Resident Evil 5.

I have really only one big complaint: the final three episodes felt severely chopped and rushed in order to make the short running time for each episode. I hope that's something that will be fixed when the DVD is released and the whole thing is stitched together into one cohesive unit. My other complaint is that there needs to be more and it needs to be longer! This 5 minutes of awesome at a time thing was kind of annoying...are all internet shows like that? I honestly don't know; I've only watched this and Dr. Horrible (Joss is awesome.)

My personal questions aside, I loved this show. Zoe Bell was awesome and it was great to see Monica Staggs (she's an American stuntie who was also in Death Proof as Leena Frank) and Lucy Lawless even if Lucy's character really didn't go anywhere...this is also something I'd like to see in an expanded version of the show on DVD or a second season (yes, please!) Some of the characters were a little too flat, but maybe that's part of the problem inherent in making something for such a short running time.

Technically, the show is great and the performances are ace. I highly recommend it!

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