Monday, April 14, 2008

My movie on the big screen!

My movie on the big screen!
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I got to have the thrill of my life last night when the technical director of the film festival for which I was a film projectionist consented to letting me watch Without / Within (and aftershock!) on the big screen.

It was unbelievably awesome and the movie, though it looks blown out in this photo, looked surprisingly good at that huge size. There were some problem areas, of course (the dark room scene looked terrible, but that's a problem I've had with red lighting in digital footage...) but still...surprisingly good.

As if I wasn't determined enough before to continue doing what I love, seeing my name on the screen, hearing my dialogue coming from the speakers, made me that much more so.

my zombie movie on the big screen!

Look! It's JANINE!!!

Huge thanks, once again, must be sent out to Carolyn, Zachary, and Full Aperture Systems for allowing me to play my DVD through their equipment on the last day of the festival. That was incredibly cool of them and I appreciate it more than they could possibly know.


Marvin the Martian said...

Woohoo! Congratulations! I know it must have been a rush. One more small step toward the big time for you!

Lori said...

An absolute rush...and I had an audience! The booth boss followed me in so that was pretty cool.