Thursday, June 7, 2007

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Okay, I haven't outright posted about this, though I've really wanted to. I'm going into production on one of my short films, titled Without/Within. I wish I could call it horror, but I think it's more of a mystery-thriller. Ah well, there's always next time. ;) it's actually a cut-down version of a slightly-longer short script of the same title which is the short version of a proposed feature. Confusing, sure, but that's how I roll.

Anyway, as I chronicle the progress over the next few months, updates in the pre-production stage will be slow in coming at first as we're not shooting until mid-October, but I'm just so excited and need to talk about stuff to work things out in my head. Eventually, I'm hoping that I can post updates to a Kimyoo Films website (designed and built by Matthew Nunnery, more details to come) and here.

So, I had my first meeting on Saturday with three-fourths of my production crew and have spoken to a few friends who are artists for the first round of art gathering for studio set props and inspiration. God, that sounds so callous in a way, but these are all people whom I love and respect and their work really will add that certain flavour for the background, especially to those paying attention to the film. In contacting these people, I'm asking them to help me build the feel for the film, which is another reason I've pushed the filming from September/October to mid-October. By that point, the leaves on location should be changed to the beautiful autumn palette with dead leaves littering the ground...absolutely perfect.

What I said to them is that I'm going to make the film with or without them...but I want to work with them or else I wouldn't have asked them to the meeting. Them being SpoogE, TrAilz, and TrAilz' boyfriend Matthew. The fourth is miss Evy, but she couldn't make it due to the continuing nuisance of the entire country between us and no fuel for her private jet.

I make it sound like a big thing, trying to take into account what the season is for a specific feel, but all films look at these sorts of things when they're putting together their productions. I just have the benefit of not being rushed into things at this point.

My shot list is done and most of the script breakdown is done. I'm using Filmmaker software for the breakdown and was having a hell of a time getting it to work, but I finally figured it out and all's well thus far. I might be a little screwed, though. My free trial of Excel is over, I can't find a way to buy only Excel, and I can't get Filmmaker to work with the Novell version of OpenOffice.

Once I know the layout of the locations, I can do a couple of storyboards for the more complicated shots and do any shotlist edits I need to.

Slowly, I'll be assembling a better make-up kit, too, cosmetic and basic FX. I wish I could find the kit that my high school teacher bought...that thing was perfect.

Well, I think that's it so far...I have a lot of stuff to do and just over four and a half months to do it. It's gonna be GREAT!!!

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